• Manila native

  • Poker maven who recently gave up playing nightly with the boys when the Texas Hold-em "the 9-ball of Poker" fad hit the Philippines. Favorite game: 7 card stud high-low

  • Fluent in English, speaks Spanish, can read French, understands Ilocano, deep Tagalog when inspired

  • Law school drop-out (17 units to go at U.P. Law, but hey, I had fun and got good grades, too! Realized in my senior year I didn't want to be an advocate -- of all things!)

  • UP Student No. starts with 81-

  • Breeds Siberian Huskies and American Cocker Spaniels and cries with each puppy sold

  • Sleeps with Cooper every night (he has stopped being ashamed of his mommy and doesn't move away anymore); Cooper is my favorite cocker

  • Plays table tennis to relieve stress: spinning balls with the robo pong releases endorphins

  • Middle-aged pseudo-equestrienne

  • Lazy chef

  • Angry dragon, born in 1964, hates the way the Philippines is sinking and rats are jumping ship

  • Sagittarian, thus plagued with "Foot in Mouth" disease

  • Vintage cars: 1975 jaguar xj6 with wire wheels, 1969 mini with ragtop, 1963 resto custom beetle with centerline mags, 1939 hebmuller

  • Spinster, hahaha, or should I say, SPINSTA!

  • Grooooovy auntie to all - for girls: "Princess seminars," "Cackle, cackle," and for boys: "Get over her, here's how..."

  • Shares the same name, phonetically, with the lady who married an infamous dictator's son

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