Go Baguio! Your Complete Guide to Baguio City, Philippines
Welcome to Baguio!

Baguio is also known as the Summer
Capital of the Philippines, City of Pines,
City of Mines, City of Flowers, Garden City of the Philippines, Ukay-Ukay Capital
of the Philippines

"So which Baguio hotel would YOU recommend?"

Which Baguio hotel would I recommend? That is a question I have been asked a lot. The next most popular, of course, would be "Which road should we take -- Kennon or Marcos?"
And I do get to answer a whole lot of other questions about Baguio. After all, I have been a resident for the past 21 years and for more than 20 years before that it was my absolute favorite vacation place!

Baguio City is the one place in the Philippines I always dreamed of living in. Imagine all these --clear blue morning skies, foggy afternoons, and chilly romantic evenings.
So, in 1991, when we won the bid to run a restaurant in Camp John Hay, Jupiter, the horse my sister and I co-owned, moved up as well.

For it was in Baguio where I went on my first pony ride. It was here where I learned how to ride a bike, row a boat. And later on, it was here where I learned to party!
I fell in love with English-speaking natives in their indigenous dress, who would always beam you a warm, friendly smile. I fell in love with the pine trees, wide open spaces, parks and gardens, and the wild sunflowers that signal the end of the rains, with the "little America" that it used to be.

So which hotel in Baguio City would I recommend?"  I will do better than that -- I will try to list them all so you can decide what is best for you!
When I started GoBaguio! in 2003, most Baguio web sites were news-based which means 'bad news' was datelined: Baguio City Philippines all the time. What we really needed was a travel web site .. more
The Baguio Flower Festival rose to the top of the Philippines' Fiesta Calendar with 200,000 visitors every February.
Baguio Strawberries
I  Will  Also Write  About --
  Cozy little inns and private vacation homes that we locals refer to as 'transient houses'
  The best homegrown restaurants you will find only in the City of Pines
  Tips on how to cut your vacation food expenses
  All our available recreational activities, a lot of them outdoor, too!
  Lots of things you could do here without spending a centavo
  The fastest and safest way to get here
  Helpful tips for getting around
  Historical sites, tourist spots and places of interest to explore
  Tour itineraries so you can design your vacation around your interests
  The best products, souvenirs and brands, and where to get them
  Top spots for Baguio real estate, what to look for when renting or buying a house, lot or condo
  Why Baguio is considered a top destination, the Summer Capital of the Philippines
  The Panagbenga and other popular festivals and events
  The totally unique "little things" that make Baguio, Baguio
      I N S I D E   G O   B A G U I O !
Let's Get Started Then!

Just click on any of the quick links to GoBaguio!'s most popular pages below or on the navigation bar at the top!
General Information
Government, population, climate,  language and all you may want to know about the City of Pines

News & Weather
Current weather plus a 5-day forecast, and all the latest news

History of Baguio City
The journey from tribal village to mining and recreation town to top Philippine destination.

Festivals & Events
Annual festivals, regular and special event schedules, including Panagbenga.

Baguio Maps
Find an interactive map with street view plus all the city and area maps to help you navigate better.

Best Times to Visit
What's going on year-round, plus holidays in the Philippines, which usually means -- long weekends!

How to Get to Baguio
Must-read travel advisory with  access and routes from Manila and other Philippine provinces
Where to Shop
The best places to shop for souvenirs, supplies, furniture, and all our best products.

Where to Stay
All lodging, from hotels to inns, retreat houses and private vacation homes, transient houses.

Eat-in or Dine-out?
Filipinos especially like to travel in large groups. Here's how to save on your vacation food bill.

Where to Dine
Personal recommendations for restaurants that cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines.

Best of Baguio
My list of the best and the rest that Baguio City, Philippines has to offer!

Baguio Schools
A guide to universities, colleges, and english academies and other educational institutions.

Business Directory
Complete, easy-to-navigate directory with business names, addresses and phone numbers.
Transportation Guide
Accessible by land and by air, find a list of public transportation from other Philippines destinations.

Travel Tips for Visitors
Plan your trip better with tips on what to pack, traffic rules, currency exchange and more!

Tour Itineraries
Explore the sights on your own, save time and money with the   do-it-yourself tour designer

Visitor Attractions
Places to explore, historical sites, landmarks and tourist attractions, lots of photos.

Things to Do
This popular Recreation page is now a portal of themed activities to keep everyone of all ages busy.

Baguio for FREE!
Let me tell you about things to do here that won't cost you a  centavo!

Local Products
The best, the tastiest and the most useful indigenous goods  produced in the Cordilleras.
The official summer residence of the President of the Philippines
The Mansion, Philippines
Travel Advisory

Marcos Highway -- OPEN
Kennon Road -- OPEN (road works)
Naguilian Road -- OPEN
Halsema Highway -- OPEN
Baguio-Nueva Vizcaya Road -- OPEN

Road access info available at Shell station in Rosario La Union, prior to your climb.
      B U L L E T I N   B O A R D
*when another place is indicated,
this it means that local weather stations are not reporting
Strawberry Taho?

The popular Filipino hawker food made of soft soya with sago pearls has a new version -- with strawberry syrup or preserves. Get yours from regular taho vendors for cheap!
Strawberry taho
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Wow!!! I've never seen such a very informative and detailed website about Baguio before.. I love it!! Your website is very exciting to visit and not to mention, very helpful. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated ... -- Chad Trinidad, New Jersey
      T E S T I M O N I A L S 
You did an excellent job and I want to thank you for being able to describe Baguio as a place where good things thrive. Truly it is. We may be far from home but our thoughts are in Baguio City our Home... -- Jho Quan, Las Vegas, Nevada
Souvenir shopping at Mines View Park
I love your site. Has details every tourist traveler needs. I just hope you have articles in the future featuring hotels and inns there. We from the lowlands would love to know best places to see and stay ...  -- John Eric Mendoza,  Manila, Philippines
    W H A T ' S   N E W ?
We add articles and features, and update pages on a regular basis.
Get the most recent here. Learn more about the City of Pines >
Wright Park, Baguio Philippines
Camp John Hay (CJH)
This former American rest & recreation facility is still the most popular mountain resort in the Philippines.

Philippine Military Academy
For 100 years, PMA, the officers school of the Armed Forces in the Philippines has made the Summer Capital its home.

Baguio Real Estate
Buying a house or looking to invest in property? Find tips for buying or renting a house, lot or condo in Baguio City.
Weather Updates
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