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  • Wow!!! I've never seen such a very informative and detailed website about Baguio before.. I love it!! Your website is very exciting to visit and not to mention, very helpful. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated ... -- Chad Trinidad, New Jersey, 12/3/07

  • I LOVE BAGUIO and I LOVE YOUR SITE! It's so complete! everytime I go to Baguio I always check out your site so there's something new I would go to or try out! Someday I will live there.. so I can enjoy Baguio everyday like you do! -- Kikay, Cavite, Philippines, 1/9/08

  • i juz wanna appreciate to your effort in putting aLL the detaiLs about baguio here in your website... i do appreciate that... i like it coz its complete... everything is on detailed... its very exciting... i love everything in baguio speciaLLy when it's time of " PANAGBENGA "... and if i have something to say about the city "its COOL and PERFECT nothing compares".. till then, go BAGUIO... GO...GO...GO... GODBLESS and more power to your website.... --Jocelyn Valdez, Tabuk but currently living in Hong Kong,  1/11/08

  • I can't find words to express how happy i am there is Lisa Araneta in Baguio. Lisa, the truth is i'm planning to construct a better site for Baguio until i found out the BEST SITE for Baguio! the GO BAGUIO! it is the site i'm figuring out. You real did a great, creative job! I can feel the way how you are doing the site, you're not just making it knowledgeably but you're doing it wholeheartedly. I, congratulate and honor you for this Great Job. Let me have a toast with you... Thanks. Larry Ferrer, Baguio City, Philippines, 1/11/08

  • You did an excellent job and and I want to thank you for being able to discribe Baguio as a place where good things thrive. Truely...it is.. We may be far from home but our thoughts are in Baguio City our Home........Thank you.. -- Jho Quan, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1/30/08

  • I love your site. Has details every tourist traveler needs. I just hope you have articles in the future featuring hotels and inns there. We from the lowlands would love to know best places to see and stay...  -- John Eric Mendoza,  Manila, Philippines, 2/5/08

  • Hellow, First of all i thank u for making and such a beautiful information about any place, country or beautiful city like baguio and from my side i thank u from my heart to providing small small information/things about a place which i ever want 2 visit but i need help to know how i can reach there from india and where i can apply for visa and what r the conditions and i hope u can help me out ... can i have your email id please so i can contact you and ask my questions directly .... hope u will help me .... thanks for your great work -- Syed, India, 2/21/08

  • Hi lisa. this is grace. we meet at bliss cafe sunday night (penagbenga festival weekend, i was with my friend jeremy). i really have to checked out your site when i did get back to manila. we failed to visit the landscaping exhibit, we ran out of time. there is so much to do, so little time :D Baguio is a photographer's haven, especially during the festival. what i really adore about this place is the people. esp. the taxi drivers. they dont take advantage of the tourist, they're polite, and give you an up to the centavo change.. they're just adorable. we dont get to have those here in the city... hope i can get back there, minus the festival crowd -- Grace Umali, Batangas, Philippines, 2/26/08

  • Beautiful site and Loads of articles. Very Informative. Good Luck and God Bless. -- UKFox, Greatpinoy Community, United Kingdom, 3/9/08

  • I've been to Baguio a couple of times and I am still bitten by the enigmatic aura of the place. I can't blame you for falling in love with the place. Truly it is the perfect city to hide away for a few days, away from the hustle and bustle of the lowland. I so love your site. It is very helpful and for sure I will come back to this from time to time particularly during that time when I plan to come back. I will also recommend this to friends. Keep it up. :)-- Leslee, Laguna, Philippines, 3/24/08

  • Congratulations! Your website is very infomative and accommodating. Keep up the good work. God bless. -- Vicky Carlos, Manila, Philippines, 4/1/08
  • Though how small the city is, it is vibrant, magnificent and just lovely. You did a great job presenting our land of birth. For sure, Baguio is now an entry in Asia longing to welcome romantic visitors from the West and Europe. My heart lives in the spirit of Baguio. Pls. keep up the good showmanship of our dear city. I pay respect to you for promoting this noble work.The presentation of your website is marvelous. I like your city news. Leo Baguio boy of Canada. -- Leo S. Dalupan, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 4/29/08

  • Hi I find your site very nostalgic. I was born in 1986 and my family and I go to Baguio almost every single year and ever since I was a kid, I really loved whatever it was that made the place special and magical. I went back last 2005 with a group of friends and true enough Baguio still hasn't lost that magic. Although it is evident it is getting crowded but all in all I still love the place. Cheers! I love your site! -- Atomic Sushi, Quezon City, Philippines, 7/24/08

  • I would like to commend you for creating and maintaining such an informative and helpful site! :-) I am bringing my family to Baguio two weeks from now and I have been spared almost all the planning that would have been needed because I stumbled upon this site. Keep up the good work and know that what you have been doing is MUCH appreciated. - Althea  Aragon, Philippines, 8/6/08

  • i really find your site really helpful! It's personalized approach makes it easier to know Baguio more! it's like you are exactly talking to me...it's like you walking me to Baguio as if I've been there (and really i haven't been yet! but sibcerely planning to...soon :)) almost all questions are answered here! Good Job! hope to see and experience Baguio really soon! -- Celine, Laguna, Philippines, 9/2/08

  • WOW...this site is very helpful! Im planning to visit Philippines on Dec 26 2008 until January 15 2009 and I googled Baguio City and found your site! This is so awesome! I went to SLU for one semester and I have been away for 15 years! I cant wait to see and enjoy the changes of Baguio City! Thank a lot to your site which gives me a lot of new info about Baguio City!!! Keep it up!!! Regards, --  Emil, San Francisco, CA, 9/17/08

  • It's my first time to visit this site. Thanks to my friend, Larah, for mentioning about this. It feels refreshing to reminisce the good past days in the 1980s when Me and my wife with some friends were in Baguio City for a break. I hope to be back to Baguio soon. -- Jimmy Ladera, Gensan, Philippines, 10/8/08

  • Great Site. My GF Marites is from there and now she is a US citizen. This will be her first time home in 8 years. And this will be my 2 trip tp the Philippines and first to Baguio. Great Site full of great information. Thanks again!!! -- TAD C. ENSLEY,  Charleston, SC, USA, 10/19/08

  • I accidentally opened your website because we're planning to go to Baguio this coming long X-mas Vacation....all my questions were answered. Nice job....you've made a very informative and useful website. Keep on updating! -- Janette Padlan, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 11/17/08

  • I like the features that you showed. I was born in Baguio City.Grew up in Camp 6 Kennon Rd. Tuba. Went to Baguio City High School abd BCF. I missed Baguio City. Planing to go home to attend the reunion of Baguio City High School year 2010 -- Alfonso Reyes, Sugar Land, Texas, 12/13/08

  • Born and raise in baguio nice to see baguio in the internet reminds me of many memories -- Robert C., Canada, 12/28/08

  • I love your site!!!! its the best about Baguio -- Charlie, Manila, 12/31/08
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