When I started this site in mid-2003, most Baguio websites were news-based which means that "bad news" was published and datelined: Baguio City, Philippines all the time. I figured, who would want to come up and visit this popular Philippine destination if the only information available was about politics, accidents or crime?

What Baguio really needed was a travel, lifestyle & business information website with lots of photos and all the information necessary so folks could get here safely and in the fastest possible time and, while here, have the best time of their lives.

My goal has always been to provide a compleat resource with everything you need for your trip:  where stay, where to dine, places to see, things to do -- and much, much more!

I have added features like Things to Do Without Spending a Cent(avo), Baguio's Beautiful Parks & Gardens, Travel Tips for the Baguio Visitor, and will continue to add information as I discover even more things about my beloved hometown.

One of my personal favorites, by the way, is the classification of recreational activities into themes like Romantic, Sporty, Kiddie, etc. so that it becomes more 'client-centric.'

I have also included a directory of businesses here to complement the main site so that visitors may instantly be able to source their supplies or services without having to search the world-wide web further. Any local resident with a telephone or an address is offered one (1) Free Basic Listing.

The only 'product' I am 'selling' here is Baguio City, Philippines. Any advertisements are either contextual (geared towards the subject matter discussed) or of Baguio businesses (hotels, inns, etc). They have been included here for your benefit. GoBaguio! is absolutely FREE for you to use.

And if you can't visit us just yet, I wish for you to be able to take a virtual tour of this beautiful mountain resort town through my eyes. You see, before I became a resident, I was a visitor here for more than 20 years, so now you get the benefit of both a traveler's point of view and insider secrets all in one website.

I hope you enjoy this site as much I do designing it, that you find information in here helpful to you, and that you come visit Baguio very soon!

Lisa A.

p.s. How often does the Go Baguio! website get updated?
Every single day -- so check back every so often to get the latest information on Baguio City.
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