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  • Hi. Thanks a million for the site. It helped me a lot last year when I needed a place to stay for a project I was doing. Since then, I've visited the sites you've written about and I've fallen in love with baguio. I now return every time there's a long holiday scheduled. There's something mystical, spiritual, and uplifting about baguio. Thanks again. -- Manny Alcabao, Alabang Muntinlupa, 11/6/09,

  • Congratulations on creating such a beautiful and helpful site about one of my fav places in the Philippines. This is my Baguio travel bible. Thanks! - Helga de Dios, Manila, Philipines, 11/3/09

  • Galing. I hope that all tourism agencies (especially the governemnt local tourism councils) would develop an attractive and informotative site as you have done. We use your site to introduce Baguio City to our foreign students. It has everything! -- Greta Mangahas, La Trinidad, 9/2/09

  • I love your site for Baguio! It is simply the best and most complete website I have ever come across -- more than all the other Baguio websites PUT TOGETHER! I mean it. The information you have provided is so complete I use it as my travel guide every time I visit your city. More power!!! -- Reggie, Manila, Philippines, 8/23/09

  • Your website helped me a lot in planning our trip to Baguio. It was very memorable and when other people I know are going to Baguio, I always suggest your website. Thank you! -- Marinel, Paranaque, 7/15/09

  • Hi, This is a nice place to check on what's up in Baguio. Their official site, though, doesn't offer rich information as your site. Whoa, now I missed the Philippines so bad! I hope it will soon be 2011 so I can visit Baguio once again. Keep up the great site, dude! -- Lito Reyes, Silicon Valley, CA, USA, 6/10/09

  • This site gives almost all the information that i want to know about baguio's places, the attractions, the foods, the streets, the trees and flowers, mountains and even the houses. I am also a webmaster and i give a big thumbs up to you for this site, for giving our fellow filipinos a guide, even to foreigners  -- Nico Angelo, Manila, Philippines, 6/10/09

  • An incredible tourism website. I have never seen anything so comprehensive. I planned a nice trip based just on this site. A nice job... -- Kendall, United States, 6/5/09

  • This site is really awesome. really helpful to tourists and travellers. a very practical and organized guide that it answers almost all queries i have regarding baguio tour. nice job lisa. keep it up. thanks a lot. - Elleine, Pasig, 4/23/09

  • You have a comprehensive and user friendly site here. Thanks for all the info. --  ZBT ZeeBigTourist, Manila, 4/19/09

  • i havent seen guide like this before...i wasnt that outgoing...but when i decided to go on an out of town trip, it wasnt that easy for me to organize my things, my itineraries and much of the transportation...especially to this place ( baguio) where id never been.so i surfed the net and when i dropped in to this website, in just one click, all i wanted was here..from hotels, transpo, foods especially tourist spot..in fact, i printed the itinerary from this website which then i used as my personal itinerary. no wasting of time, as well as effort....  -- Evagne Atienza, Manila, 3/18/09

  • What an interesting site, I will be visiting Baguio in April with my Philippino girlfriend, this is her birthplace and holds a strong element of nostalgia for her. I am pleased I found you. We intend to settle in the Philippines and this looks like an area that is a little more inkeeping with the UK climate. Yes, I will use your site as a guide for attractions, thank you. -- Nigel, London, 3/10/09

  • this site helps a lot. from the directions from manila, to the most exciting places and tourist attractions. this site rocks. keep it up :) -- Karlo Gaite, Pasig City, 2/2/09
  • The most comprehensive travel site I have ever come across. Thanks so much! I left Baguio in 1963, and after reading your site, I see no semblance to the Baguio I knew. It will be sad to see the landscape change so much!  -- Cecilia Kilayko-Yuthasastrakosol, Canada, 1/16/09

  • wow i love your site it is very informative, i was planning to visit baguio this coming summer to ring my cousin there, it's going to be her first time... your site is very informative and it already gave a ideas on where to go during our vacation.. i cant wait to be there, hey i was looking of an agency where we can schedule a tour on baguio can you recommend one? thanks a lot. -- Celine, Makati, 1/13/09

  • Thank you so much for providing such a nicely-done, informative, & very useful information about Baguio. After pretty much exploring your website, I guess I may say that you have covered almost every aspect, & might have possibly answered every probable question any "first-timer" in Baguio might have. Do keep up the good work. You're website is such a big help & "a must read" for anyone who is not familiar in Baguio. More power to you & best of luck in all your future endeavors! --  Ruben, Philippines (Singapore resident), 1/11/09

  • Hi! I'm just searching the internet as me and my girlfriend are planning to go to Baguio this February. I happened to stumble upon this site and I must say,, this site is full of information and helpful stuffs about this beautiful city! This will be my first time visiting this city and hope I enjoyed it a lot. More power to your site as it is very helpful and informative! -- Romz, Cavite, 1/10/09

  • Hi Lisa, I was born in Baguio and lived in Scout Barrio for 18 years, then migrated in San Francisco in 1980. I love your site and just to let you know that Baguio is and always in my heart. First love (2nd is San Francisco) ko ang Baguio. God granted me another chance to visit my birth city next month. For two weeks now, your site is the only one that I'm visiting everyday. It's also my first (for 6 times) to visit by myself. It's totally an experience and I'm really excited about it. Again thank you for all your effort putting this together -- Aurora C. Pangilinan, Milpitas, California, 1/9/09
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