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Baguio City is easily one of the most photographed destinations in the Philippines. We have breath-taking views of mountains and gorges, towering pine trees, lovely parks and gardens, interesting old houses, a man-made lagoon with rowboats, poines with pink manes and a whole lot more!

And while folks search the internet looking for information, I figured it best to complement the words in this site and showcase Baguio's beauty with more than just descriptions -- via a Photo Gallery that contains all the pictures we have taken in recent years, as well as those contributed by others.

By the way, this is just the initial upload of those that can be found all around the GoBaguio! website, thus they come in different shapes and sizes.  I will be slowly adding the originals and many others in my collection, in larger sizes, and in different photo galleries, too, as soon as humanly possible.
Photo by Nico Cawed, taken at Butterfly Sanctuary, Camp John Hay
      B A G U I O   A T T R A C T I O N S
Kennon Road LionBell Ampitheater, Camp John HayBotanical Garden GalleryBotanical Garden Entrance, Leonard Wood RoadBotanical Garden GalleryBurnham ParkBurnham LakeButterfly Sanctuary, Camp John HayCamp John Hay Golf CourseBaguio CathedralBaguio CathedralBaguio City HallBell Ampitheater, Camp John HayLittle Mermaid, Butterfly Sanctuary, Camp John HayCamp John Hay Golf CourseIgorot Garden, Camp John HayDontogan Hiking TrailSM City BaguioIfugao Hut, Camp John HayOur Lade of Atonement CathedralChildren's Playground, Burnham ParkHistorical Core, Camp John HayIgorot Garden, Camp John HayBridal Veil, Kennon RoadKennon Road ZigzagKennon Road Lion (view from left)Kennon Road Lion (view from right)Kennon Road Lion (Lion's Club)Kennon Road ZigzagThe Manor, Campp John HayThe Mansion Entrance GateThe MansionMines View ParkCommemoration Marker,  2nd Philippine CommissionPhilippine Military AcademyPool of the Pines, Wright ParkTam-awan VillageHistorical Core, Camp John HayHistory Trail, Camp John HayHistory Trail, Camp John HayThe Oblation, University of the Philippines BaguioCommander's Cottage, Camp John Hay Historical CoreView from the top, Wright PArk Circle
      I M A G E S   O F   B A G U I O
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