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Baguio Recreation:

"Can we stay an extra day?"

Kids on vacation in Baguio all say the same thing when it's time to leave. They want to go back one more time and ride "Buttercup," that nice pony at Wright Park who is owned by their new friend, "Manong Scott." Or maybe they want to ride that swan-shaped boat at Burnham Park because, two days ago, someone else hired it first and they only got to ride the plain yellow one.

As for the older ones, they were able to meet this nice group of teenage cousins playing football at Melvin Jones and "they're inviting us for one last game, Dad!"
When I was small, before our family bought a vacation condo we used to rent a private vacation home every summer for about two weeks -- and that was still never enough time to do all that we wanted!

The great thing about vacationing here is that you can design an itinerary so that you can still engage in your favorite sport while touring or choose to lay back, relax and attend to things you've been putting off like getting a massage or reading a good book.

So, instead of merely listing down everything there is to do here (which is a lot), I have decided to also classify the recreational activities into themes so you can design your vacation around your particular interests!
Horseback Riding in Baguio
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Romantic Baguio
"Baguio City has always been honeymoon haven for Filipinos who wanted a taste of 'Little America.' Despite the influx of tourists or the rise in transient students, one can get away from the 'madding crowd'..."
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Cultural Baguio
"When Baguio was an American mining and recreational town, the citizens of the city worked side by side with the Cordillera natives. It is precisely this rich blend of a Western landscape and tribal FIlipino culture that makes the City of Pines so interesting..."
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Sporty Baguio
is a survey of all the physical and athletic activites offered by this mountain town amid a lovely natural environment and a chilly weather. A truly special place in the Philippines where outdoor sports are best enjoyed. Baguio City boasts of two popular and "naturally airconditioned" golf courses!
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Kiddie Baguio
focuses on the many, many activities that can be enjoyed by the children. This section is designed to relieve parents of the burden of figuring out how to keep the young ones busy and occupied.
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Party Baguio
Currently features the places to go to to sample many local bands, and hangout with friends. It is under development to include more than just night spots.
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Things to Do
Baguio For FREE: Things to Do Without Spending
Not many travel or destination websites would give folks a way NOT to spend money while on vacation -- we do! more>

The Best Ways to Relax in the City of Pines
The City of Pines is the perfect place for some peace and quiet, find here a dozen ways or more to "find your balance," to "stop and smell the roses," to "celebrate all that is right with your world" more>

A guide to the best place to shop for souvenirs and bargains, night markets, with a extra articles on the Baguio City Market and the "Ukay-ukay." more>

Baguio Golf
A speacial feature on playing golf in Baguio City, Philippines, including Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay golf course descriptions. more>

Outdoor Cooking & Dining
A favorite activity in the City of Pines is to have a barbacue picnic. Find some tips & tricks for planning one! more>
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