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Travel Tips for Baguio Visitors

Traveling to Baguio City is not much different from visiting other cities in the Philippines in that all the conveniences of modern life are available. However, City of Pines is not your typical Philippine destination as it is located about 1,524 meters (about 5,000 feet) above sea level and the temperatures here can go from pleasantly cool to really, really chilly!
In a country like the Philippines that boasts of 7,107 islands, one would not normally expect temperatures that reach as low as 7˚C in December and January!

Although beaches are just an hour away in the provinces of La Union and  Pangasinan, bikinis and tank tops are not necessarily the first items on your "What to Pack" list.

On second thought, you may want to bring them along anyway since we do have several swimming pools in the city, not to mention spas and saunas. There are also wonderfully rejuvenating hot springs present at the base of Asin and Kennon roads, by the way.
Before Your Trip

1. Secure lodging accomodations

  During the high season (October to May) it may be hard to find an available suitable room or house for your group if you don't make prior arrangements.
  Avail of lower rates or discounts usually offered on off-peak months, June 15 to September 30.

2. Plan your meals

  If you like to cook, the Baguio City Market offers fresh vegetables and meats.
  And if you like to dine out, Baguio can be turned into a culinary adventure (and average checks here are usually lower than elsewhere).
  If you are planning to prepare your own meals, this will also determine what type of lodging you will book for your vacation.

3. Choose the best mode of transportation for you

  If by public transport - check trip schedules for buses and planes , ask about cancellation & postponement policies, baggage allowances.
  If by private car - load a full tank of gas in Manila, as prices per liter are higher in the provinces (a funny Philippine situation, as the northern oil refineries are in La Union province, onlty 40km away from Baguio City); bring a road atlas, if you can, in case there are unexpected detours along the way; check tire pressure, oil, and water before you hit the highway because the Northern Luzon Expressway Patrol will have your car towed within 30 minutes should it break down along the way.

4. Check weather conditions.

  Generally, when it rains in Manila it also rains in the City of Pines. It's a different story when it comes to typhoons, though. For example, Manila did not experience the fury of typhoon Feria the way Baguio was not subjected to the wrath of typhoon Milenyo.

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What to Pack
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•  Jacket, coat or sweater, scarf, shawl or any suitable wrap
•  Headgear: hat or cap
•  Sunglasses (it's clear blue skies that we have here)
•  Comfortable walking shoes
•  Outdoor clothes
•  An umbrella (for when it rains & for when the sun shines)
•  Evening wear (the night life can be pretty good)
•  A camera, of course
•  Specific outfits & gear to match your favorite recreational activity: golf, horseback riding, skating, swimming (fine, bring the bikini along!), biking, paintball, etc.
•  Toiletry items are available at regular prices at convenience  stores -- now, personal stuff like prescribed medications or your favorite ablutions you do have to remember to bring.

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