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Do we travel now or do we wait a few days? What will the weather in Baguio be like while we are there this weekend?

These are questions any traveler will usually ask when planning a trip, and Baguio weather, especially, plays an important role in travel considerations. Here are my favorite weather stickers so you can plan your vacation better with a detailed forecast of local weather conditions.
The first delivers Baguio weather conditions, temperature, pressure, and wind information. It tells the time, changes colors depending on weather severity and warnings with the blue bar turning red to indicate importance and allows users to instantly click over to detailed forecast information, radar images, and travel information. The second one watches the sky and provides great information regarding the sun and the moon, which is important when planning a trip (or a party), too.

When Wunderground's Philippines weather reports are off, with
Baguio City showing as Angeles or Subic (the same way Boracay is
sometimes indicated as Masbate in other websites), this means the
weather stations in the areas concerned are not sending data, in
which case the stickers show information from the nearest weather
stations instead.

However, when users click for forecasts, you will be redirected to a page that shows pretty accurate and detailed information, including a 5-day forecast to help you plan your trip better.
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"What's the Weather Like in Baguio?"

Baguio weather is lovely and it can get very chilly here. The temperatures are always at least 8 degrees cooler than Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

This is one of the reasons Baguio City is so popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Because of the altitude and forest cover, the City of Pines was created to become the Summer Capital of the Philippines,
Travel Tip:
Umbrellas are always good both for the bright sunlight and the rain showers, too.
Lisa's commentary, last edited 10/2/2009
Five-Day Baguio Weather Forecast
Look what we've got for you! Check out this cool tool that gives you five days of Baguio weather at a glance, with a link to an extended 15-day weather forecast (that link opens in another window). Should you be scheduling a trip for beyond two weeks from today, just check out the commentary below "What's the Weather Like in Baguio?"
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  a lot of my tweets are
  about current weather
  here, when we are
  experiencing extreme
  weather conditions,
  reveling in the fog or
  celebrating the clearest
  blue skies.

where folks would go to get away from the sometimes oppressive heat of the Philippine lowlands.

The weather changes depending on the time of the year so here is what one can reasonably expect of the weather in the city based on the seasons of the Philippines and trends of past years -- so you can plan your trip way ahead of time:

1. January is what I call "perfect weather month" when the city is at its chilliest, with clear skies and temperatures that have gone down in recent years to as low as 7 degrees Celsius on the second half of the month.

2. February would be the same as January, just a little less chilly, which is why the founders of the Panagbenga Festival selected this month to for the staging of our very popular Flower Festival that extends all the way to early March now.

3. April and May see relatively warmer temperatures and the residents shed their sweaters and coats at this time because these are the Philippines' summer months, the time the City of Pines lives up to its title as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines." Expect light rain showers in the afternoon.

4. It starts to get cooler in June, and the start of the Philippines school year usually sees the same rains as the summer months.

5. July, August and September are considered the Philippines wet season and there are tropical monsoons that hit the country at this point and the city sees a lot of rainfall and even typhoons. However, these are the months when the city is damp and fireplaces are put to good use -- even for drying laundry.

6. October and November are traditionally months that the rains start clearing up, the strawberries are harvested and the wild sunflowers start dotting the mountain sides to signal the end of the rainy season. I must add a note here that in recent years we have had sunny Julys and rainy Octobers because the world weather is changing.

7. December is another perfect weather month with the last week seeing just as many visitors as Holy Week coming up for the Christmas break, from Decemberr 23 to January 2.

There you have it then, a summary of weather conditions in Baguio City so you can best decide when to visit and what to pack on your trip.
This photo was taken on December 1, 2009, with the sun shining brightly while temperatures drop to 15C at noon time and 11C at dew point.
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