Go Baguio! Your Complete Guide to Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio Centennial Calendar of Events

October 2009

October 1

Scouting Month

October 2

Chinese Moon Cake festival

October 4

Anniversary of the Shrine of the Brown Madonna

October 5

Opening of October Best

October 10
Baguio Centennial Celebrations
Quick Links
Atenara House
Art Workshop - Tam-Awan Village
Battle of the Bands
Mr. Baguio Centennial (Pre-Qualifier – Mr. Universe) - UB Gymnasium

October 14-15

National Population Quiz - Teachers’ Camp

October 16-18

1st Catholic Revival Conference

October 17

Oktober Fest
World Day of Overcoming Extreme Poverty

October 20

Orchidarium Garden Show - Baguio Orchidarium, Burnham Park

October 21-22

Youth Revival Convergence

October 22-24

HRAB Strategic Marketing Convention

October 31

Halloween @ Hyatt
BCC Halloween Party
Other Events

Elderly Filipino Week (1st week)

Baguio Elderly Assembly – October Best

Taekwando Nationals

WIZ Festival

Science and Math Fair

World Game Festival

Film Festival

October to December Exhibit: “Baguio, An Art Haven”, Baguio-Mountain Provinces Museum

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GoBaguio! Your Complete Guide to Baguio City, Philippines