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Previously, we wrote about planning your vacation to Baguio City, Philippines, including which items to pack for your trip.
Please note that, except for personal effects, that a lot of the items you will need for your trip (snacks, food items to be cooked here, toiletries, even jackets and umbrellas) are available for sale here. After all, Baguio is now truly a "highly urbanized city" with malls and shops-- and the prices of basic goods are the same or sometimes even cheaper than in Manila!

So let's get on with the rest of Travel Tips for Baguio Visitors -- "Upon Your Arrival" and "Before You Leave."
Upon Arrival in Baguio City
1. Stop at the nearest tourism or police outpost to get a number coding exemption pass, but only if necessary.

  If you are traveling to and around the city in a private vehicle during a weekday, and your activities will involve the Central Business District which restricts the entry of vehicles on specific days for specific vehicle plate ending numbers, you may want to get an exemption pass or just not use your car on that day.

2. Refuel your car and buy a Baguio City map.

  Climbing up Marcos Highway or Kennon Road will most likely consume about a quarter or half tank of fuel.

  The gas stations in Baguio are almost all located within the Central Business District while your hotel and tourist attractions you will be visiting  may not.

  It will be more convenient if you could see the sights and run your errands without having to constantly go back for fuel.

3. Check-in into your hotel.

  Industry check-in times are 1:00p.m. to 2:00 p.m. while check-out times are 11:00a.m. to 12:00n.n.

  If you are arriving early, you may want to leave your bags at your hotel or inn, have a spot of lunch, and check-in right after.
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4. Plan your activities.

  Whether you are a first-time visitor to Baguio or a virtual native, ask your concierge or host what the "must see" sights are for the "what's new in Baguio" gimmicks. (Of course, Go Baguio! may be your best resource for what's new in Baguio but it would still be advisable to ask around while you're here)

  Ask them to make restaurant reservations for you, or arrange for car rentals, if necessary.

  Any hotel or inn worth staying at should have a resource person accessible to you with that information or those services.

5. Get some cash.
  Exchange foreign currency at the banks or the Baguio City Market, although most souvenir shops and hotels would be happy to accept US dollars.

  ATM machines are available all over Session Road and at the malls.

  Credit cards are accepted but some smaller stores and inns may not, so cash comes in handy all the time.

  Another advantage of cash is that it makes it easier to haggle at the flea markets when you can actually "show them the money" after agreeing on the price.

  And, when shopping in Baguio City, as with other popular tourist destinations, beware of pickpockets.

6. Secure your return tickets.

  If you are leaving by bus, it would be good to purchase your return ticket upon arrival at the bus terminal, especially during peak visitor periods (Holy Week, Christmas, holidays and long weekends).

  Should you be taking a plane home, call the airport or airline at least a day before your flight so you can check for flight delays or cancellations. This is especially important if you have a connecting flight to another destination, so you can make appropriate adjustments, like renting a car or riding a bus instead.

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